Island Wanderer, Day three, 23.38N 22.24W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 23 Nov 2011 16:09
Life on board Island Wanderer; a simple story of everyday seafaring folk.
By now, all of the crew are well established into the watch system, bouncing out of bed with a cheery smile and a spring in their step, eagerly anticipating three hours in charge.
Fishing activities have  temporarily ceased while Derek’s dorado continues to feed them. Last night, dorado curry. For lunch today, dorado soup. For dinner this evening, grilled dorado in a chinese marinade. The freezer is full of dorado.
Mandy baked a delicious orange cake which was very much appreciated by all.
A pod of about 20 dolphins swam by for a few minutes before heading off to find something more interesting to do.
Derek gave Avril a lesson in taking a noon sight with the sextant, the very latest in electronic free navigation. Three hours later they were able to confirm that they were, indeed, in the North Atlantic, not that far from the latitude given by the GPS.
The boat is heading vaguely in the direction of Brazil, but will probably gybe in a couple of days. The exact time of the gybe has yet to be announced, but is causing some excitement already.
It is definitely getting warmer and layers of clothes are being exchanged for layers of sun cream.