Crew Brookes Sign off

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Fri 27 Aug 2010 21:55

Trivia and statistics


Number of days on board                             49

Distance travelled                                        1538.5nm

Ports visited                                                22

Best sailing area                                          West Portuguese coast (Perfect wind)

Worst sailing area                                        Mediterranean (No wind)

Favourite place                                             Chipiona(H)  Spanish Rias (A)  Cascais (P)

Best anchorage                                           Cascais (Pretty)

Worst anchorage                                          Roquetas de Mar (Too rolly)

Best marina                                                  La Coruna (Based on facilities and location)


                    View astern penultimate night

Highest temp                                                 38*C

Lost overboard                                                Clothes pegs (numerous) Cushion

Found/retrieved overboard                                Cushion, Panama hat

Worst food served on board                              Sushi (raw fish fingers)

Awesome view daytime                                    Gibraltar Strait

Awesome view night-time                                  Lightening storm

                                View ahead by moon light

Holiday song                                                  We no speak Americano

Number Spanish words learnt                          3 (very poor-could try harder)

Books read                                                    30 (Between 3 crew)

Most useful item                                             Autohelm

Most useless item                                          Heated electric blanket

Successful gadgets                                        e-books (fab), washing machine( take for granted at home)

Failed gadgets                                                Bimini (too small)  Home made sunshade (total disaster)

Low point                                                       Seasickness in Biscay & crunching boat

High point                                                      Gibraltar Straight & dolphins. Time together as family

Would we do it again?                                     Yes, but would take into account lessons learnt this time.......


              Winter resting place; until next year. Adios!