North Sound - Virgin Gorda - 18:30N 64:22W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Tue 17 Apr 2012 13:53
Since arriving in the BVIs on Saturday morning the wind has been blowing strongly. After clearing in at Spanish Town we sailed for North Sound where there is some protection from the wind and waves behind the reefs and islands. We anchored in the lee of Prickly Pear Island, with a fantastic view of North Sound, and all of the comings and goings.
IMGP1451    IMGP1452
On Sunday we made a wet dinghy ride across to the Bitter End Yacht Club, had a walk, and enjoyed the views.
IMGP1453    IMGP1454
We had a lovely lunch in the restaurant. There was quite a chop coming into the sound, and we sat watching the various folks trying to find space to tie up on the dinghy dock, and their various states of soakings they had received.
IMGP1456    IMGP1458
On Monday we decided to move the boat over to Biras Creek at the SE end of the Sound. However once we were out of the lee of the island we realised just how sheltered we had been. We motored around the Sound and made our way back to re-anchor near where we were before. The island provides great shelter but occasional “bommies” blew over the top creating a downdraft of 25 – 50 knots in sudden gusts that sent the charge from our wind generator off the scale.
Our plan had been to sail up to Anegada, but with the wind and sea state we have decided it will be prudent to leave it until the conditions have settled, so will spend the next few days exploring the anchorages around Tortola.