Day 2 to La Caruna - 40.06N 19.51W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Tue 26 Jun 2012 17:20
Another night, another day of sea views. We continue on our way to La Coruna in NW Spain. Last night we were passed by tankers and freighters travelling between the Med and New York, which kept us alert whilst on watch.
We have had quite  number of dolphins swim across to us to have a look and play, but they soon leave since we are travelling too slowly for them to have fun. The winds have been light, and so the crossing is going gently. Today we had to resort to the engine for a while, but the winds are forecast to more consistent from tomorrow.
Temperatures are slightly lower than the Caribbean – we are resorting to mid layer and full oilskins for the night watches, when it becomes cooler and the dew settles.
With David on board we suddenly have a complete new repertoire of music and films to entertain us. Watching a film on his iPad has brought a complete change to what one does on a night watch.
This morning Avril proved that it was completely possible to rig, launch and fly the gennaker single handed – most impressive.