Pavoa de Varzim, Portugal. 041.22N 008.45W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 22 Jul 2010 19:58
After a somewhat bouncy night we set sail early in the morning heading for Portugal. The weather was perfect, although slightly lacking in wind. We had just set the whisker pole to pole out the genoa when we noticed a pod of dolphins swimming alongside. David and Helen spent the next half hour at the bow taking photos and watching the dolphins' antics.
After a sedate start we noticed the wind creeping up. By the time we reached Pavoa, we were doing 9 knots and the wind was averaging 28knots.The only problem was how to stop! When we reached our mooring, we realised there had recently been a "near gale" warning for the area. Going downwind was fine, but when we turned into it to enter the marina we experienced the full force of the weather.
The rugged coast of Galicia has been replaced by much flatter open country and Pavoa itself is quite built up. The west coast of Portugal is less popular with sailors, according to the guide books. We look forward to discovering for ourselves if this is true!