Island Wanderer - Blog - Day 6

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Fri 25 Nov 2011 18:21
Back on Island Wanderer life goes on – in 3 hourly intervals. Today we had whale watching for our morning activity, along with hoisting the gennaker again (that’s the coloured sail)!
In preparation for 2012, the boat Olympics are underway. Pete is currently in the lead with the press ups, (50), Mandy leads in the skipping, (45) and no one has yet qualified for the standing on one leg finals, which requires one to stand on one leg unaided without hopping. 2 seconds is the current time to beat, which given the conditions seems unlikely in the near future.
We are enjoying taking part in the SSB radio net. SSB radio has a range in excess of 400 miles, so we can keep in contact with most of the fleet. Tonight there is an SSB pub quiz between all the boats in our section, which we are looking forward to.
We occasionally see other ARC boats, which we can then call on the VHF radio for a chat. The VHF radio only has a range of around 25 miles, so is much more limited.
Cooking and eating feature highly on the day’s agenda, as does sleeping and reading. The herb garden continues to prosper.
We are again heading for South America, but believe that wind will change over night, taking us on a more westerly route. Who knows?
Until tomorrow... bye bye.