Sedate start 33.57N 62.46W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Tue 29 May 2012 17:09
With light winds predicted for much of the journey to the Azores, we left Bermuda under engine yesterday afternoon. This was switched off mid morning today and we are now trundling along very gently enjoying the sunshine.This is not going to be a quick journey. We have chocolate rations for 25 days but clean underwear for only 12.
We have had several brief dolphin sightings but they were very uninterested in us and left as soon as they had checked us out. The fishing has started once again and we caught a two foot piece of string yesterday. Given the size of the string compared to the size of the Atlantic, I think this was a fair achievement, but nobody else seems impressed.
We are heading north in search of wind and passed a couple of yachts in the night on a similar track.
Our newest crew member, the gorgeous, nearly perfect Helen is getting used to bumpy seas and the delights of taking a shower whilst standing on one leg on a wobble board. We have yet to persuade her to do a night shift, but there is plenty of time for that!
Distance to go;  1807 nautical miles.