Vilamoura 37.04N 08.07W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sun 1 Aug 2010 19:11
The anchorage in Lagos proved to be so delightful that we decided to stay another day, which we spent doing very little. There were a few small jobs to keep us occupied and then we both read some of the novels we had brought with us until the sun set and it was too dark to read. Having been the only boat in the bay on the first night, we must have set a precedent, as four or five others joined us over the next two nights, all having travelled some distance to get there. Their flags indicated German, Dutch and Swedish origins.The bay was very popular with tourists and during the day jet skis, motor boats and windsurfers were popular.
If you want Lagos Marina, you have to go through a bridge!                                Peter wiring a fan in anticipation of the girls coming out.
We had booked ahead in Marina Vilamoura to ensure that we could pick up Helen and school friend Vicky who have been chain ganged into crewing for us for the next week. The marina claims to be one of the most important marinas in all of Europe. It is large and certainly the most expensive that we have ever stayed in. What do you get extra for your money? As far as we can tell, as well as the usual shops and cafes, the only thing that we have not seen anywhere else is a sex shop!
Mainly motor boats in Marina de Vilamoura.
Far more appealing was the fresh water supply that meant we could at last wash a week's worth of salt and grime off the boat. We did have to wait until the decks were cool enough to walk on though!
What the marina is lacking is the peace and gentle breeze that surround an anchorage, so tomorrow we plan to move on after picking the girls up as we head for Gibraltar.