Thursday 10th - 24:25.82N 64:09.84W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 10 May 2012 17:02
The winds have been very favourable so far on our trip to Bermuda. We have been on a close reach until the early hours of this morning when a wind shift put us on a beam reach. The benefit of this is we are now sailing more upright, and can move around the boat more easily.
We have 475 miles go, having already travelled 355 miles. Our last 24 hour was 197 miles- a record for us. However as the predicted wind shifts occur later this week we anticipate meeting head winds, and our progress will slow down.
It is warm and sunny, the sea state is slightly lumpy but not bad. We have been operating a 3 hour on, 3 hour off watch system, and have found we are now able to sleep well whilst of watch.
We have recently been overtaken by a 115’ yacht. try as we might we could not keep up. Otherwise during the night we spotted an oil tanker and a cargo vessel – otherwise the sea appears to be empty.