Half Way - 34.13N 45.07W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Mon 4 Jun 2012 16:58
Well we are now half way to Ponta Delgarda in the Azores. We have a fair wind and are making relatively good progress. Things to report :-
1. No fish caught yet – Avril deployed a monster sized squid yesterday as a lure for some large tuna, but they did not bite.
2. Looks as though the food should last out for the trip, but becoming short of fresh fruit and vegetables. On to the tins soon.
3. The satellite broadband proves temperamental from time to time, especially when there are big seas. If we don’t blog one day, do not panic!
4. We have not seen any other vessels for a few days, though we picked up some VHF radio chatter yesterday.
5. We attempted a pub quiz today that Ryan kindly emailed to us. We blame our inability to answer a number of questions on something – can’t think what.
6. The Dougen and solar panels are providing 18 amps of charge to the batteries as we sail along.
7. Helen’s laundry bag, which fell into the toilet a few days ago, is now filling the cabins with a delightful aroma. This is contributing to the generally squalid conditions that seem to be spreading below decks!