Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sat 21 Aug 2010 19:34
As the beautiful anchorage off the beach became more and more uncomfortable due to the swell, we decided to move into a nearby marina at Aguadulce. As we lay alongside the waiting pontoon, to be assigned a berth, two young spanish boys came and declared in sign language (as we sadly speak no spanish) that they thought our boat pretty smart and could they dive off it and go for a swim! Seeing no reason to object, we said "Si" and where soon entertained by the two scamps running all over the boat and seeing who could climb to the highest point to jump into the marina water! They were very sweet  and of course totally oblivious of our UK health and safety mentality! We think they were related to one of the marina staff who later came to see if they were being a nuisance, which they weren't.
                                                                               The rockface protects us from the cold!
The marina is well run and has very helpful and pleasant staff. Unfortunately it has a huge rockface against one side that acts as a massive storage heater, so once again we feel as if we are in an oven.
                                                                                                  Keeping cool
The temperature rarely goes below 30* even at night. As the wind has died completely, it is a little too hot to stay for more than a day. We went to the beach to cool off, but were very disappointed with the town which comprised many high rise blocks and an unattractive waterfront, with the exception of the marina which is quite pretty.
                                                                       Probably the most attractive part of the town.
This seems very typical of the area, particularly the coast. I think we need to go further inland if we are to find less developed and possibly more attractive towns. We miss the natural harbours and anchorages of the UK and Brittany which have spoilt us over the last few years with their quiet, appealing views, which have far more character than this particular stretch of coastline..