Frustration! 36.34N 006.15W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Thu 5 Aug 2010 17:03
Chipiona grew on us over the two days we spent there. The initial impression was marred by being parked on a pontoon recently colonised by seaguls, and consequently knee deep in droppings and rotting fish bones. You could smell it as we approached. However a wash down and brush up soon cleared the boards and the smell became acceptable. The town was popular with Spaniards on holiday and full of bustle from morning to night. The girls swam in the sea which was very warm and we had a lovely meal ashore sampling traditional spanish dishes.
                                Tapas! Delicious.                                                                                          A lovely stroll along the prom.
Today we wanted to go to Cadiz, but the local marina would not take boats over 15m. Our next choice of marina was fully booked. An anchorage looked appealing, but hints of bad weather on the way made that less of an option. In the end we booked into Puerto Sherry, a large marina about 3 miles across the bay from Cadiz. It was designed as a marina village in 1985 but only half built. The marina stands in a stunning location surrounded by shells of empty buildings that should have been apartments, cafes and shops.
En route, the marina we had just left, Chipiona, phoned to say they had unfortunately undercharged us, and could we go back and pay! The shower was discovered to have a leak that had crept as far forward as the nav station, and in addition we took onboard copious amounts of water that soaked bedding.We also realised that the bad weather forecast was potentially much worse than anticipated; it could be up to four days of force 7/8 from tomorrow due to the dreaded easterly Levante wind. Helen's friend, Vicky has a flight from Gibralter on Monday, so we are trying to decide the best course of action and keeping an eye on all the forecasts which differ greatly. We could be here some time!