How to park your dinghy. 37.53N 07.56W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sun 9 Oct 2011 11:24
Although there was a following wind on Friday, it was insufficient to sail from Ayamonte to Faro.
m_IMGP0823 m_IMGP0826
We motored all the way in heavy seas, arriving in the lagoon to spend a peaceful few days before moving on to pick our crew up next week. Peaceful except for being under the flight path from Faro Airport, which we can see in the distance from our anchorage. Sandbanks abound here, and more by luck than judgement, we are just afloat at low tide.
m_IMGP0834  m_IMGP0832
Entrance to Faro old town
Not so the dinghy we parked in Faro when going ashore for the afternoon! We have still to clean out the putrid mud and bits of decaying fish that we trampled into the dinghy to relaunch!
m_IMGP0838  m_IMGP0837
Not how we left it!!