Passage to Graciosa, 29:13.8N, 13:30.3W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Wed 26 Oct 2011 17:14
After a brief delay to our departure we were off! With some healthy wind we blasted towards our next stop, the island of Graciosa in the Canaries. The swell steadily built as we left the shelter of the island giving us a taste of some true Atlantic rollers. We sailed steady through the night and by morning the swell had thankfully eased somewhat.
During the day we all enjoyed some snoozing and Mandy’s excellent flapjacks. Derek had prophesised from the UK that we would be motoring by 4pm.
But he was wrong! Unfortunately the engine might have been switched on about 10 minutes later.....
Generally upset by Derek’s mystic abilities we were pleased when we were joined by some dolphins who swam by our bow for a while, until they got bored with us taking photos and disappeared back into the ocean.
IMGP0914   IMGP0938
A pleasant evening ensued, motoring and enjoying the stars and the phosphorescence.
A notable failure during this passage has been the lack of fish being caught. After towing Mr Squid for hundreds of miles nothing has bitten. I think that our unremitting breakneck speed partially contributes to this, to a far greater extent than not having a clue what we’re doing.
We arrived in Graciosa in time for lunch. Always keen to avoid danger we made sure we had a swim in the crystal clear water BEFORE we ate lunch so that we didn't drown from cramps. 
By: Chef d’boat Doug Watts