The journey continues - Day 4 - 30:00N 64:16.53W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Sat 12 May 2012 17:21
We continue making good progress towards Bermuda, with just 144 miles to go, 686 already covered. Overnight we experienced some massive thunder and lightening storms. The lightening was flashing all around. It was spectacular, and our radar measured it as over 48 miles across, but fortunately were were not struck. We took the precaution of securing our backup GPS, VHF and phones in the microwave, which should give them some protection in a lightening strike, as it would form a “Faraday Cage”. The rain was torrential at times.
Yesterday afternoon we rigged and flew the gennaker (the large coloured sail), but as forecast the wind shifted to a run, then died, so we ended up motoring from midnight until this morning. However the wind has again become favourable and we are again flying the gennaker.
Our daily chores include a circuit of the deck to clear it of the flying fish that have hurled themselves on board during the night, and clearing the Duogen charger of the seaweed that keeps getting wrapped around it. The area we are sailing through is called the Sargasso Sea. The currents generally swirl around here and seaweed and other debris tends to collect.
We are sleeping well off watch, and looking forward to arriving hopefully sometime Sunday.