Day One 26.54N 17.18W

Island Wanderer
Peter and Avril Brookes
Mon 21 Nov 2011 11:49
After nearly a whole day at sea, we have now lost sight of land and all but a handful of other ARC boats. Light winds in the night and early morning have resulted in us resorting to the engine already, something we were loathe to do as the thought of sailing the entire way was rather appealing! However the breeze is beginning to pick up and we anticipate flying the genoa quite soon.
The fishing tackle is out, but as yet to no avail. However, the night watch spotted dolphins and a few flying fish.
All the crew have come prepared to take up a new challenge en route. Mandy is learning the penny whistle and hopes to become proficient enough to audition for the London Symphony Orchestra. Avril wishes to create a work of art to hang in the Tate. Pete is going to write a novel that will win the Booker prize, and Doug intends to land the largest Tuna in the north Atlantic. Derek, whose aspirations are, to be honest, somewhat unrealistic, wishes to sail the entire ocean without having to eat a single piece of fresh fruit. He has already tried to barter 3 pieces of satsuma for some steak. No chance. Now, if he’d offered chocolate ....