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Date: 16 Sep 2011 09:37:20
Title: 43:04.51N 9:23.40W

Since yesterday afternoon calm and sunshine make life on board very pleasant. We named the little bird Peppi and really enjoyed its company, such a tame little creature, coming sitting on us and staying down below feeling very at home. Soon after, a little robin joined our social life and both birds lived in total harmony with us. The greatest effort being made on our behalf, not to squash them. Peppi was a super fly hunter to our delight and we were sad when he flew off in the evening. Robin is still here, being a little more reserved but still cleaning up our crumbs down below and watching us. Dolphins have been with us through the night, their dark silhouette arching over the waves in the moonlight. We are still sailing with the hydrovane and everything is very peaceful and quiet. we are now getting ready to get the cruising chute out and sail down the Spanish coast to Bayona, where we hope to meet Steve and Carol, if they are still there. About 60 NM to go!

Diary Entries