37:45.815N 023:07.773E

Chris and Alison
Sun 7 May 2023 18:58

Weather: Air Temp 17’c, cloudy, light wind F1-2 Rain

We left Epidavros at 1130 hoping to get some wind that usually fills in around lunchtime but today it was flat calm. Anyway it was only 9nm to Korfos where we were going to sit out some heavy downpours and a bit of a blow. While we were motoring we practiced our reversing under engine. Today it all went well and Muskie drove in reverse perfectly for both of us.

We anchored in Korfos and made sure the anchor was well dug in. It was a tricky anchorage being very deep until near the shore and with lots of moored boats taking up most of the available space. The town quay was not an option for us because the depths were shallow and variable with concrete blocks protruding from the quay just waiting for our exposed rudder to crunch into them.
The pilot book said there was provisions and a chandlery ashore. As we had lost one of our kill cords we wanted to get another one, however on going ashore it became clear that Korfos had not opened yet. Sleepy yes, provisions, no, chandlery, no. The taverna owner was very pleasant so we had a drink and chatted to him for a while. He was also very surprised at the cold and damp weather at this time of year.

We made use of the rain by designing MK2 rain catcher. MK1 had worked but the wind got under it and catapulted the rain out of the shoot at times. MK2 had more of a slope and it was protected from the wind by the bimini. We made 10L of washing water in 20 minutes, so while we don’t like the rain and cold, we made good use of it.

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