36:44.92N 28:56.31E

Chris and Alison
Thu 12 May 2022 12:23
Because we were anchored in such deep water with not enough chain on the bottom to be comfortable with, we didn’t want to stay another night, so we got ourselves free of the long lines and started to pull up the anchor with the windlass. Thank goodness it managed to get the anchor up again as it was a long way down. The anchor marker buoy had not been so lucky, we had left it on not thinking that we would not be anchoring in such deep water, it had been down at 30+meters and now was full of water. As we brought it up the line went under the keel but we managed to clear it. 

We motored all the way into Göcek. The harbour and the marinas were full of super yachts and mega yachts, wall to wall money, and maybe the odd oligarch parked up to save his assets. We anchored just off Gocek town in the bay, a busy anchorage, or to us it was busy, but probably not compared to what it will be like in the summer, but it was quiet and the town was only short dinghy ride away. The main problem were the ribs. They were driven by "macho man", very fast and with no regard to anyone else, wizzing around the anchorage to and from yachts. 

Gocek town was nothing like I had expected, all up market shops and restaurants catering for the super rich. There were chandler’s everywhere but useful only if you owned a mega yacht, you could buy a yacht bidet or very shiny very big cleats but not 10mm hose or a 8mm twisted shackle, all the hotels and restaurants were called “exclusive” this or “exclusive" that.

We walked into Marinturk Marina to enquire about staying for a few nights, but we're politely told that they were full. So we enquired about a pump out, fuel and petrol and were told that they had a jetty for all this and all we had to do was to turn up and wait your turn. 100TL for the pump out, so that was something at least.

We also wanted to find a sail maker to mend our mainsail that had got torn, so we wandered through the town to look for one. There appeared to be quite a few but then we spotted North Sails sail loft so went in to enquire about a repair. They were lovely, offered to give us a quote and promised that the sail would be ready by the end of the next day. So we came back to Muskie, took off the mainsail and took it back to the sail loft. We were quoted 86€ for the repair that we thought was quite reasonable and agreed the work. We then decided to buy a new outhaul as well while we were there.

We decided to stay at anchor for another couple of nights before moving onto Fethiye after we have had our black water tank pumped out, filled up with fuel and petrol for the outboard.

The mainsail before the repair 

After the repair

How the other half live.