36:42.057N 28:13.560E

Chris and Alison
Wed 11 May 2022 18:25

We left Bozburun at 0840 a day later than expected due to strong winds howling down the coast. We put the sails up. Full main and Genona. We gybed down our course to the headland, turned to starboard and then had a broad reach and run the rest of the 28 miles to Gerbekse. Lots more yachts about now and we had to get out of the way of some who just kept coming towards us even though we were the right of way yacht!

It appeared that most of the yachts going our way were heading for the anchorage just east of the one we wanted witch was just as well as Gerbekse is very narrow and you have to get right up to the beach before you can drop your anchor as it is so deep. We anchored in 9m of water, 7m under the keel, and put out 35m of chain. We were swinging around a bit in wind now gusting 21kts at times, so we hashed together sort of mizzen sail out of the fender skirt and put it on the backstay and that seamed to work to some extent. Que, bring out JCs old jib for a mizzen sail. 

Gerbekse is tiny ancient Byzantine old trading cove with Byzantine ruins ashore. It is very narrow and luckily we were the only yacht. A Gulet did arrive with loud music and a party going on, but only stayed long enough for the party goers to have a swim before they started to leave, only to find they had left 4 people on the beach. They did come back to get them!


We had a very unpleasant night with Muskrat swinging around her anchor and taking us very close to the rocks either side of us. We started anchor watches but after Chris had done his first watch he decided that we should rest and get up with the anchor alarm. So this we did all night long dozing in the saloon fully dressed getting up every time the alarm went off to check on the distance from the rocks.

We decided to not to go into Marmaris this time but to leave it until we come back this way going west, because we have had a few days lost due to the weather.

Byazadine Chapel in Gerbekse Cove