36:39.06N 29:05.18E

Chris and Alison
Sat 14 May 2022 18:57

We decided to leave Gocek to the mega yachts with their helicopters, garage full of toys and up market restaurants and shops, however, because the fuel berth had everything in one place i.e. fuel and black water pump out we decided to make use of that facility before we left. So we up anchored and motored the short distance to the fuel berth. It is a first come first served facility so we anticipated having to wait a while in a queue. When we got there there was a mini super yacht in the berth so we hovered about in the entrance waiting patiently for our turn. A few ribs overtook us and made their way to the berth but were able to refuel the other side of the quay. Then a medium sized super yacht tried to muscle in and overtake us to the berth that was still full with the mini super yacht. At this point Chris had had enough and called the yacht up on VHF. The “captain” came on the radio and introduced himself as captain ……, Chris was very tempted to answer as Captain (RFA) retired Forrest, but didn’t and politely informed him that we had been waiting almost an hour by this stage to get onto the fuel berth. He replied by saying he only had a 20min job to do and continued to move forward in front of us. He eventually berthed on the opposite side of the fuel pontoon. The mini super yacht eventually came off the fuel berth and we managed to get our fuel and had a pump out and left before the medium super yacht had finished, so much for a 20 minute job.

When we looked at our receipt for the fuel, they had managed to charge us for 5.7L of petrol, for the outboard, and put it in a 5L tank! We hadn’t been able to check the diesel counter was at zero before they started putting the fuel in so we don’t know if we were short changed with that as well:( The pump out cost 100TL. Total cost 2918.00TL

We had to motor the 11 miles to Fethiye in glassy sea but before we got there we decided to have a night at anchor in one of the small bays so we could swim and relax. We anchored in Batikkaya Buku a lovely quiet bay, well it is once the party boats have gone, and spent the evening swimming and having a relaxing time at anchor. We finished putting an eye splice in our new outhaul rope, but decided not to use the local “Kaya” rope again because it was a devil to work with. It took us two days to splice it as it was so stiff and we are not sure what the core is made of but it will do for an outhaul.

The next morning we took ourselves to Fethiye anticipating to use the marina, but when we got there the anchorage just outside the marina looked very sheltered and had good depths so we anchored up. We went ashore to look around and ended up visiting the museum, the amphitheatre, that is under serious renovation, and more rock tombs.

We anticipate staying here for another couple of days before moving on to Kalkan.

The amphitheatre at Fethiye

The amazing rock tombs