36:12.3N 29:37.4E

Chris and Alison
Sat 28 May 2022 14:23

We left Kalkan and sailed most of the way downwind in 20kts apparent. Reefed Main and Genoa. A bit of a swell made steering tricky. Then the wind died completely so motored the rest of the 3 miles to Bucak Denizi in Kas. 
Just as I was about to take a line ashore when the wind started to increase. I was just debating wether to swim with the line rather than taking the dinghy when the wind gusted 40knts and blew the fenders onto the deck from being in their positions over the side. We decided not to take a line ashore in these conditions as we would have been broadside onto the wind, not a comfortable proposition. It was raining as well by then so we moved further out into the bay across to the marina side to try to get some shelter. It took 4 attempts to anchor due to 40kt gusts and other yachts in the vicinity, one yacht started dragging his anchor just as we had got the anchor firmly down. Very high mountains around us, so usual katabatibc winds screaming into the bay - not good shelter despite what the pilot book says.

Finally had lunch at 1630. Rigged our adapted mizzen sail to try to dampen the sailing to the anchor effect.

Contacted Kas Marina and asked for a berth for tomorrow as there was stronger wind forecast and we didn't fancy being out here in any more wind than we had experienced today.

Happy Birthday Chris 🎂🍷🥰 Kas Anchorage Bucak Denizi 

Weather: Sunny warm 30’c. Sea temp 24’c. Very calm, no wind, but strong wind forecast for the afternoon.

At 0930 we raised the anchor and headed into the marina. With the help of the marina staff we were soon moored up securely. 

Checked emails and had a walk into the town to explore. Kas is built on an ancient site so there are numerous rock tombs and sarcophagi everywhere. Had lunch in a local restaurant recommended by a Brit on the yacht moored just a few boats from us, 109TL (£6) for the two of us.
Moving onto kekova Roads tomorrow.

Kas amphitheatre 

Rock Tomb in kas