36: 40.71N 28: 54.70E

Chris and Alison
Sat 25 Jun 2022 06:48
17/06/22 Tersane Creek 

Weather: Hot, sunny, light variable wind. 

Stayed in Tersane for another day as we like it so much. It is quiet and the water is so clear. Spent the day relaxing and doing a few jobs. Chris has started to look at the leaks through the chain plates. Luckily the plates don’t look corroded, so he has re-sikaflexed the hole after trying to take out the preverbal  bitumen stuff that gets everywhere. That’s the starboard one, the port one will take a bit more work as it is behind a cupboard.

The leaking chain plate at deck level. what do you do when your chain plate leaks? clagg it up with the same goey black stuff you try to stick your windlass down with! 

And just for good measure you smother the inside so that when it doesn’t seal, the water gets trapped between the skins potentially rotting the core and causing crevice corrosion of the plate.

The nice new sikaflex to deck level, hopefully will stop the leaking.