37:30.703N 023:26.603E

Chris and Alison
Mon 1 May 2023 19:17

Weather Sunny but chilly in the wind. Temp between 20-22’c Sea temp 19.4’c.

The antibiotics now finished I was feeling a lot better, my arm had reduced in size considerably although there was still a large hard lump but the pain had gone and so had the inflammation. Time to explore Poros and the surrounding countryside. We walked to the Sanctuary of Poseidon, a 7 mile round trip, with stunning views and a large complex of antiquity at the sanctuary. The paths were well marked and had just been cleared for the summer so it was a very pleasant walk to get me back in shape. We then had a good walk to the lighthouse on another day. 

Chris, needless to say, had not been lazy during our stay. We had been wanting to change the mosquito  net arrangement on the main hatchway for some time. The net that I had made worked but it was quite difficult to get in and out of the hatch particularly in the middle of the night when the drift alarm is going off. In Kilada, while throwing away the rubbish, we had noticed a complete aluminium frame with a mesh that was intact. Chris decided to try to adapt it to make a new mosquito net that would slip into the existing hatchway where the wash board usually goes. After a lot of thinking, he came up with a plan. The plan had to be adapted a few times but in the end we had a new mosquito net that we could just slip in and out of the companion way quickly and easily. 

After topping up with washing water from the shower on the beach (PPM 360) and topping up with supplieswe were ready to move on to ancient Epidavros.

Poros seen from the clock tower.

A tortoise on the walk to the Sanctuary of Poseidon

The Sanctuary  to Poseidon

The mesh we found in the skip before and after the transformation.