36:39.06N 29:05.18E

Chris and Alison
Fri 17 Jun 2022 16:00
14/06/22 Fethiye (Batikkoya Buku)

Early morning (0530) swim for Alison to get the long line in from the shore. Unfortunately it had chafed on the rocks, so we will have to protect it in the future. Left Yesilkoy at 0543 and had to motor all the way to Fethiye. Fortunately the swell we had yesterday had abated so it was much more comfortable.

With 10 miles to go and the wind picking up we decided it was time to launch the Parasailor for the first time. We put the helm onto auto and set course pointing out to sea while we set the lines and made everything ready. Then we got onto course re-set the auto helm and launched the Parasailor. We had a bit of a problem getting the snuffler over the wing, but eventually it slid over and the sail opened up, wow!  I have sailed with some large spinnakers over the years but his is a whole new ball game. However, no pole to worry about; fantastic. A catamaran sailing past us, who was the stand on vessel, gave way to us when he saw the sail launched!!

Having spent about an hour getting it all ready and flying, we were running out of space and didn’t want to push our luck this time by gybing so we lowered it again to make sure we could get it in. It all went very smoothly. Again getting the snuffler over the wing proved slightly worrying but in the end it came in. In future we will have to run the guy over the push pit instead of under it, but apart from that all the lines were run correctly. It will probably be a light wind sail for the time being until we get confident with it especially with just the two of us, although the blurb says it is a good sail for short handed sailing, the thought of getting it down in 20kts of breeze with just the two of us is scary.

We anchored in Batikkoya Buku for the night. Very peaceful anchorage once all the gullets had left.

The Parsailor is launched