36:41.044N 27:22.536E

Chris and Alison
Wed 6 Jul 2022 19:15
04/07/22 From Ova Buku to Knidnos

Weather: Hot, Sunny temp 35+’c, sea temp 28’c. Sea state slight. Light SW breeze. 

Left Ova Buku at 0850 motoring into a light head wind from the SW. Tried putting the sails up but the wind was too light and variable to make any difference. Arrived in Knidos at 1107 and anchored at the head of the bay. Some yachts had already left so there was plenty of room. By the afternoon, the anchorage and the pontoons, where yachts can go alongside, was full. 

We visited the ancient Greek city of Knidos. Founded by Greek settlers by the 5thC BC it was an important cultural and political centre and a trading hub. It was absorbed into the Roman world and survived until the Byzantine period that is evident by the number of churches. All along this coast and the Lycian coast, we have found reference to precious archeological artefacts that now reside in the British Museum. We found it again in Knidos. The impressive statues of the famous Lion and the statue of Demeter are also in the British Museum. We come all this way only to find these artefacts on our doorstep:( All the same, I thought Knidos was picturesque and impressive, one of the best sites we have visited.

Knidos. The small round harbour was the old military harbour now too shallow for yachts to enter.

The anchorage at Knidos

The small amphitheater 

One of the main streets running East/West