37:23.65N 24:23.5E

Chris and Alison
Fri 20 Aug 2021 15:56
We left Sounion the next morning, leaving the now sore heads behind to sleep it off from the night before. We had a lovely sail, beam reach all the way to Kithnos hoping to anchor in the picturesque bay of Fikiadha. However, the charter yachts and holiday makers had other plans for us, when we got there it was so full we didn’t want to risk being amongst them, risking dragging anchors, so we moved onto Apokriosis just round the corner. We anchored at the head of the bay in 3m of water with 36m of chain out happily swinging away, it was very sheltered but a bit noisy with all the beach bars ashore blaring out loud music. We hoped that this would stop once everyone had left the beach. As the evening drew in more yachts appeared all hoping, as we did, to get into Fikiadha so our little bay started filling up very quickly. One charter yacht came in very fast again with his mainsail up but under engine this time, dropped his anchor while still going forward, dumped a load of chain on the bottom and then drifted back almost touching the yacht behind him. It appeared that he had got his in-mast furling main jammed and no amount of pulling or heaving would release it, so it eventually got furled via winch, I would suspect, and the foot of the main rapped around the mast to stop it flapping in the wind overnight - he has probably lost his deposit!

The music did fade away with the holiday makers leaving the beach and all was quiet in our anchorage overnight.

We left the next morning for Serifos to once more sit out the Meltemi winds for the next 3 days.