36:12.08N 29: 53. 92E

Chris and Alison
Fri 3 Jun 2022 14:22

Sailed to Gokkaya Limani.

Managed to sail with the Genoa only, downwind in 4kts of true breeze, making about 1.2kts the 3.4 miles to Gokkaya Limani. On the way we did a MOB practice mainly to make sure the MOB button on the chart plotter worked. Luckily we did, we found out that we have to press the back button to make sure it is in “chart mode” otherwise the waypoint is put where the curser is and that could be anywhere! During the next trip out we will put the danbuoy over to make sure everything works with that, there were just too many Gulets about to practice that this time.

This group of islands is at the Eastern end of Kekova Roads with narrow, rock strewn, but navigable channels between them. Numerous islands and reefs are dotted about. We headed for the NW creek and anchored in 6.7m of water, good holding. The channels are fascinating to potter around in. A fresh water spring bubbles up into the sea, so the surface water is refreshingly cool but under the surface is 28’c.

I tried out my new snorkel and mask but the water was very cloudy so I couldn’t see anything, but the equipment worked (no photos though :))

Gokkaya Limini

A Castleated fort on our walk around the bay

Complete with a cannon

We just had to stop for a drink.