36:17.69N 30:09.11E

Chris and Alison
Fri 3 Jun 2022 14:28
01/06/22   Gökkaya Limini to Finike

We raised the anchor at 0950. Started to get underway. Chris was getting the anchor in when there was a loud bang and the windlass started nodding up and down!. Luckily the anchor was home just as they came adrift and we were glad this hadn’t happened when we had been anchored in 30 m a few weeks ago! We are heading to Finike Marina so hopefully Chris will be able to fix it there. 

Motored all the way to Finike, wind on the nose, very light wind in a choppy sea. As we turned downwind on course for Finike the wind followed us and was dead downwind and very light. So we were unable to get the sails up at all. Plenty of turtles spotted swimming East during the crossing.

Arrived Finike, helped in by the marina staff. Nice marina, showers, laundry, apparently there is a large community who winter afloat here but it looked very quiet at the moment.

Chris got to work on the windlass and found it was held in place by some sort of sikaflex or bitumen substance. The studs appeared to be intact so they hadn’t sheered off, but the threads were also were packed with  the sikaflex/bitumen substance - suspicious! The base of the windlass was badly corroded and it was sitting on an uneven surface plate (from build), so the studs would have had a very tough time keeping the windlass from rocking. We managed to get a new 10mm stainless steel stud bar to replace some of the studs and Chris will see if he can recover enough of the threads in the casing for the studs to grip and make a new secure base. Work in progress.

By chance we found a chandlers that might fill our large Calor propane gas bottle, something we have tried to achieve since the beginning of our journey. Chris took the bottle over to them and we hope they can get it aback to us before we are due to leave on Saturday.

Suddenly Marine Traffic has managed to log onto our AIS and put us in the correct place. We are amazed because the AIS has been playing up recently, cutting out and turning its self off for no apparent reason. Still work in progress!

The studs packed with goo

This was on the base of the windlass
Cleaning the studs