36:36.73N 30:34.73E

Chris and Alison
Thu 9 Jun 2022 18:51
We raised the anchor just after 0900, left Tekirova and motored around to Kemer anchorage passing the gullets going in the opposite direction:)

We anchored and watched as huge black thunder clouds started rolling our way. We went ashore to have a look around. Very touristy, full of hotels, bars and restaurants. We enquired at the marina if they had a berth for a couple of nights and they said they could accommodate us, so we booked. As we were making our way back to Muskrat in the dinghy it stared to rain, then the thunder and lightning started, very impressive but very scary. All the other boats in the bay left, leaving us on our own. It didn’t last long but was very intense while it did last. 
As the sun went down, the loud music from all the bars and restaurants on the shore started competing with their music and karaoke:(


We motored around to the marina first thing in the morning and were helped into the berth by the marina staff. Full service marina. Very plush facilities but the showers were cold and despite having 3 washing machines, you were only allowed to use the one, so I did the washing by hand. 

We tried to get bus information to go to Antalya tomorrow, but the marina manager said it would be quite a trek with a 3km walk to the bus station in Kemer, then the express bus to Antalya that will drop you off outside the city because the buses that operate outside the city are not allowed in. Then you have find a local bus to take you into the city, the manager said even he would have trouble negotiating the public transport in Antalya and didn’t recommend it. We could have sailed to Antalya and stayed in the marina but we decided not to. So reluctantly we decided to give Antalya a miss. 
Instead we did some jobs on the boat that included obtaining a new poo tank gauge so we can monitor the tank situation without having to remove the hatch and look in:) The AIS however, is definitely terminal. 
After all this, it was time for a swim, but only after another thunderstorm had gone over. 

One reason for not going to Antalya is that we have decided to turn around here and start to head back to Bodrum and Didim and re-enter Greece, at the end of July, via Samos. The summer Meltemi is due to set in mid June and the strongest winds usually come in July, August and September so we need to be heading into it now and take our time. Therefore, we will leave Kemer tomorrow and start our journey back up the coast.