36:33.94N 28:01.28E

Chris and Alison
Wed 6 Jul 2022 19:02
28/06/22 Serce Limini to Buzuk Buku(Apolotheka)

Weather: Air temp 32’c. Sea temp 26’c. Wind NW 18-25kts gusty.

Left Serce Limani at 0845. headed into a stiff NW breeze. Motored the short distance to Buzuk Buku and moored stern to the jetty of the local restaurant, not easy with a stiff cross wind on the Port side. The wind continued to gust during the day but Muskie hung onto her rickety jetty and less than adequate provided mooring lines. By the end of the day there were 12 yachts all hanging off this rickety jetty, some of them were very big. How we all didn’t demolish it I don’t know. 

Took a walk up to the citadel and met the donkeys on the way. 
We ate at the restaurant in the evening. Lovely meal at a very reasonable price and no charge for the mooring if you ate at the restaurant.

Buzuk Buku

The Donkies

30/06/22 Buzuk Buku(Apolotheka) to Datca 

Weather: Hot 30’c, sea temp 25.4’c. Light NW wind

Left Buzuk Buku at 0540 and motored for 3 hours until we were able to put the sails up and sail. Sailed the rest of the way tacking to Datca anchorage in the south harbour. Anchored in 7.9m with 30m rode. We are expecting some strong wind to come in tomorrow, so we might have to put more rode out. 

Spent the day looking around Datca and doing some shopping. Had a swim and cleaned the hull that had got green slime on the waterline otherwise it is not in a bad state for only one coat of antifouling and 4 months of sailing, there are barnacle's on the prop and anodes though.

Datca promenade