36:11.74N 29:50.85E

Chris and Alison
Fri 3 Jun 2022 14:14

Moved into Ucagiz today, a lovely anchorage and a small pretty village with its harbour full with Gullet's. The sea temp in this inland sea is 29.9’c. Again, the village is full of sarcophagi and ruins of an old 3rd - 4thC BC city. Very hot 32’c, no wind or breeze. 



Moved to Kalekoy, a small village just around the corner from Ucagiz. Got a place alongside Deniz restaurant and moored up. Had a look around the village. The hamlet is overlooked by a splendid Ottoman castle with well preserved outer walls and a lovely small amphitheatre that could seat about 70 people. The area is surrounded by sarcophagi and ruins. We swam to the underwater harbour, gymnasium and sunken sarcophagus. 

When we got back to the boat we were asked to move our mooring because a large yacht had booked a space and we were in the way! We moved, but no one arrived that evening or the next morning, so we were the only people eating out at Deniz restaurant that evening.


Guess we will be the only ones eating in the restaurant tonight then?

Castle wall Kalekoy