Chris and Alison
Sun 18 Jul 2021 20:01
Well, we made it at last. The flight,  customs, Covid checks and PLF checks went smoothly and we have lots of stamps in our passports now we have left the EU. 

Muskie was dirty, but otherwise in good shape for being left so long. Now we have 2 weeks of jobs to do before we pay the cruising tax and get going, heading to Leros for the winter. 

One of the first jobs was to finish cleaning and mending the poo tank after our little mishap on our last voyage (best not to go into too much detail). Needless to say the tank is now smelling sweet and clean and the new hose connection is in place with everything back together again. Mind you, not without much sweating (working down below in 35”c of heat) and cursing from the engineer of the crew. Please note, that although the photo shows a very pleased engineer with the clean poo tank, no guesses who was the one who cleaned the void where the poo tank sits. But he has to get credit for cleaning the tank itself.

Next was to re-fit the wind generator. We took this apart last time out to service it and replace some parts. we were very pleased to find on our return that the solar panels had managed to keep the batteries topped up despite not having the wind generator to help. Putting this together again required some very brave balancing on a couple of planks of wood balanced on the “A” frame hanging over the stern of the boat. Once fitted the generator worked very well, very quiet and pumping more amps into the system that was very much needed to keep the fans going to keep us cool down below and to keep the fridge going. 

So this is our first blog, I hope I will get used to it and hopefully we will have some sailing photos to attach very soon.