37:19.39N 23:09.10E

Chris and Alison
Mon 10 Oct 2022 19:16
04/10/22 Weather: warm during the day 30’c, cool at night 21’c - 26’c. Sea temp 28.2’c. Wind N/NE F4-5

We left Poros anchorage and negotiated the shallow narrow channel between Poros and the mainland Peloponnisos to be met by a substantial swell and F4-5 winds on the beam. So we put the Genoa up and romped along doing 5-6kts. Then we turned further downwind to enter the Gulf of Argolikos and surfed downwind for a couple of hours until the wind dropped slightly and the sea state calmed down, then had a lovely broad reach the rest of the way. 
We anchored in Porto Kheli, a land locked bay with a new marina in the NW corner but with plenty of space for anchoring. A very pretty bay with the town and taverna's all around the waters edge. It wasn’t busy so we had all the room we needed to lay out plenty of chain to cope with the forecasted strong winds. Having moved slightly more west, we are outside of the strongest winds forecast but we still wanted to be tucked away just in case.

We ran the gauntlet of the Port Police to get our Transit Log and Crew list signed, they definitely had done the grumpy course but they were efficient and quick so we got out of there sharpish with our papers stamped

We managed to get ashore in the dinghy to explore and look at the new marina, it was, as expected it was very expensive and didn’t have many facilities for a brand new marina. 

The town definitely had the feel of somewhere shutting down for the winter despite the temperature still well above 27’c. Still there was enough open for us to eat out at the local taverna and do our shopping.

Arriving in Porto Kheli

Dusk in Porto Kheli

Safely anchored and no high mountains to give us the katabatibc winds that we are now so used to in the Cyclades.