36’17”.69N 30’09”.11E

Chris and Alison
Wed 8 Jun 2022 18:03
03/06/22 Finike Marina

Instead of sightseeing we are doing jobs on Muskrat. Chris managed to finish the windlass and made a brilliant job of it as well. It now has a new base unit, that is NOT bedded in sikaflex or bitumen, new bolts that are NOT held in place with sikaflex or bitumen and support for the aft end of the windlass. The bolts were tightened after letting the epoxy go off over night, job done. 

The AIS though is another storey. It has flatly refused to work today, sometimes there are lights flashing but not in the right order, and sometimes there is nothing happening at all. It is not reading on the diagnostics computer so we are unable to diagnose any problems using that. It really looks as though this is the end of the line for this unit, very sad after Chris has put so much time and effort into trying to diagnose the problem and save us the cost of a new one.

We did a big shop for food today and stocked up because the next few anchorages might be a bit isolated, although most anchorages so far have provided some sort of basic stock of food, or somewhere to eat out.

We then prepared the boat to leave tomorrow to go to Ceniviz Limani.

Now, where am I going to put this lot?