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Chris and Alison
Wed 11 May 2022 18:25

We left Ekinick at 0930 hoping for the wind to develop in our favour as the forecast had suggested. As we left there was a glassy sea, no wind but plenty of sun. The wind that was promised did not materialise, so we ended up motoring all the way to Scopia Limini and a little cove called Kizlkuyruk Koyu. Here would be our first anchoring with a long line ashore. The bay is very deep and comes up quickly to the shore so you end up anchoring in 30+ depth. Chris put the anchor down and I got into the dinghy with the long line (tape) to put ashore. All went well, except, I was concerned about chaffing of the line on the very sharp rocks so we ended up putting an old rope round the rock and tying the tape to this. This appeared to work until the wind got up in the evening when the tape started vibrating and bouncing up and down quite violently. The drift alarm started going off again so we put out another line to the shore to take some of weight off the anchor and the tape. 

We had swim in the lovely clear water but couldn’t see the anchor or the sea bed as it was so deep.

Kizlkuyruk Koyu

The long line ashore. Soon after this photo was taken we put another line out.