36:37.48N 29:05.97E

Chris and Alison
Fri 20 May 2022 18:19
Motored to Fethiye, no wind, intending to go into the marina but the anchorage in the harbour looked empty so we decided to stay there for the night. Anchored in 9.7m with 30m chain. Went ashore to look around and get our bearings. Ended up visiting the museum, the amphitheatre, Rock Tombs and the castle of the Knights of St John.

Amphitheatre at Fehtiye
Castle of the knights of St John Fethiye

Rock Tombs in Fethiye


Decided to visit the abandoned village of Kaya Koyu. Walked all the way up a steep valley through pine forest. Took 2 hours to reach the village then another hour+ to walk around the abandoned village. Entry fee 15TL each. 

Had lunch at one of the restaurants in the village. Walked back the same way we came another 2 hours. Checked emails at the local restaurant before getting to Muskie. When we arrived back on board the drift alarm was going off and it looked as though we had drifted, thankfully not too close to other yachts, so we had to re-set the anchor.

Walk to Kaya Koyu

Kaya Koyu abandoned city

The walk up to the abandoned city of Kaya Koyu