36’ 41”.767N 28’52”.013E

Chris and Alison
Sat 25 Jun 2022 06:49
18/06/22 Tersane Creek to Tomb Bay 

Weather: Hot 30’c in the saloon, 32’c in the cabin at night. sea temp 31.9’c. Light variable wind.

Left Tersane Creek at 0930 under engine. Motored all the 2 miles to Tomb Bay. Unfortunately we left the dinghy on the davits just touching the water as we left and forgot to raise it up after I had got aboard following my swim to get the shore lines in. As we left the Creek the dinghy flipped on its side with the outboard still attached but now dragging in the water:(

Chris quickly managed to right it and it didn’t appear to be too wet, but we would have to wait until we got to Tomb bay to start it and see.

The motor over was uneventful apart from that. We anchored with a line ashore. It was very busy in Tomb bay, despite it being the weekend and change over day for the charter yachts.

Once we were safely anchored, Chris got into the dinghy to start the outboard to check it still worked. He pulled on the starter handle and rope broke!! Why do things never happen in ones? Luckily we had another starter cord but it meant the outboard had to come into the cockpit for Chris to dismantle the engine to get to the starter cord mechanism. An hour or so later he had changed it and we could try the outboard. The new starter cord was thinker than the one we had taken off. Pulling it out to start the engine, the cord would not fully retract back into the mechanism, but the engine did fire up and start beautifully:) We will now have to wait and see if the cord gets a bit stretched and starts to retract on its own, or if we will have to get a thinner cord.

The rest of the day was spent swimming to keep cool and doing passage planning for the rest our time in Turkey.

Tomb Bay

The reason it is called tomb bay, more rock tombs.