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Chris and Alison
Fri 20 May 2022 18:22
Got up early to visit Kadyanda. Took bus to Uzumlu a pretty village, known for a low key trade in Danstar cloth. Then took a very steep path up the mountain to kadyanda that took an hour and a half up and and hour down. However by taking this route, and not walking along the road, we saved ourselves just over 3 miles. Thank you Pocket Earth! Spent just over an hour at the site looking around the huge city that is  mostly fallen down and derelict but one can imagine the once bustling city with its high walls, a Temple, a stadium along with a sports track, baths and amphitheatre.

We ate lunch at the local cafe in Uzumlu once we had got back down from the mountain, before taking the bus back to Fethiye. 

Back in Fethiye I wanted to get some spices and dried fruit that I seen on the stalls in the market place. As usual the sellers were very pushy filling up bags of fruit, nuts and spices before we could stop them. The total cost came to over 1500TL so we refused to pay and tried to leave. The seller was not having this, so we started bargaining with him and got the cost down to 750TL. I now have masses of dried fruit, nuts and spices!

The walk to kadyanda

The spice shop