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Chris and Alison
Sat 25 Jun 2022 06:50
23/06/22 Kizilkuyruk Koyu to Marmaris 

Weather: Very hot air temp 34’ during the day but during the night the temp got up to over 40’c. Sea temp in Kizilkuyruk was only 28.4’c. Sea state slight.

Another early morning swim for Alison to get the long shore lines in. We left Kizilkuyruk at 0540 with a light NW wind. Put a full Main and Genoa up and motor sailed for most of the passage occasionally turning off  the engine to see if we could sail. Wind was on the nose most of the way so we had to tack our way the 35 miles to Marmaris. Motor sailing was infinitely better than motoring into the wind all the way.

As we were approaching Marmaris we noticed the now familiar sight and smell of wild fires burning. Last year we spent two months dodging the wild fires of Greece and now we find ourselves in the same position this year only in Turkey. The air was extremely hot with a hot wind blowing the flames in the mountains behind Marmaris.

We tacked our way up the channel towards Marmaris town with unpredictable gusts all over the place. The air got thicker and hotter with smoke, ash and hot bits of pine needles. As we were anchoring a pine needle landed on me and I had to brush it off quickly it was so hot. Muskie and us were soon covered in ash that was by now blocking out the sun. We considered moving on but by now we couldn’t see the extent of the smoke that was travelling quite a distance so we decided to stay put and hope that the helicopters with their huge buckets of water could put it out soon. As the afternoon wore on the smoke and the orange tinge to the sky got worse and worse, it was so hot, even the breeze was hot.

We had to anchor 3 times. The first time when we arrived, we put the anchor down and set it in well, then about 1700 the gullets started arriving back from their day trips out. We were informed by one of the gullet skippers that we were in their turning circle just off the pontoon where they all moor up, so we had to move. After that we spent the afternoon watching the helicopters come and go with their precious buckets of water. Then we started to think that we were too close to the yacht next to us so we took up the anchor again and moved into a larger gap. Third time lucky we hope.

The weather is due to bring in some strong winds over the weekend so we plan to stay in Marmaris anchorage until it settles.

Wild fires in Marmaris

A very hazy sunset due to the smoke