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Chris and Alison
Sat 28 May 2022 14:15

We needed internet, some shopping, a laundry and a pump out of black water, so we decided to go into Kalkan Harbour for a few nights, use the facilities and see some of the ancient sites around Kalkan.
The harbour was very busy with tripper boats coming and going and Gulets leaving the harbour for the day excursions. We had been reasonably informed that there were lazy lines provided so we wouldn’t need an anchor. We managed to find a space, reversed in, got a stern line ashore, with no help, then I went for the lazy line. I pulled the small line up and there was nothing on the end, I tried another one and the same thing happened, so we had go out again to lay the anchor and reverse back in. We had to hope that the anchor was not fouled on the many chains and ropes that are on the bottom of the harbour. 

Kalkan was a small fishing village but now it has sophisticated bars and restaurants to cater for all expensive tastes. It has a large British ex-pat population and many holiday and second homes with prices to match. Even so, it is a likeable place and a good base to see some more sites.

We got the washing to the laundry, looked around the town, did a small shop for food and looked up the bus times to Patara and Xanthos. There is a small beach in Kalkan, so we had a swim to round the day off. 
The harbour master came to the boat early evening for his money, so we asked where the pump out facilities were. He politely informed us that the pump out was only for the Gulets and there was no facility for yachts. How I kept my mouth shut I don’t know.

I collected the washing at the stated time from the laundry. It had been boiled washed, not very kind to our quick drying clothes :( and it was very wet, so I had to hang it out on the rigging to dry.

By the evening the harbour was full to bursting, so we were glad we got in when we did.

Muskie in Kalkan before she was swamped with other yachts and Gulets


We got the 0950 bus to Patara. A bit of a mixed journey, the bus driver dropped us off 3km from Patara and gave us 10TL back from our fare. He couldn’t speak English and our Turkish was not good enough to understand what he was trying to say to us. But we guessed that we had to wait at the little cafe for the bus to Patara? We duly did as he said and sure enough another bus arrived to take us to Patara. We can only assume it was a shuttle bus from the main road. Anyway, we had a good 4 hours walking around Patara ancient ruins. Thankfully some light cloud kept the burning sun down to a reasonable temperature, otherwise it would have been exceptionally hot walking around the huge site, there was no shade. We got the 1445 bus back to Kalkan and some well deserved lunch back on board.

We had our usual swim from the beach and a beach shower. There is a cold fresh water stream running into the sea at kalkan that keeps the bay sea temperature quite cold. However, the beach shower is even colder, but it is free so saves us having to pay for a shower at the local restaurant. Shower cost was 40TL and to use the toilet was 20TL.

Main gate entrance to Patara

Main street Patara


Visited Xanthos ancient site. No one there visiting when we arrived but as we were looking around a coach arrived. We were amazed, but very glad, they didn’t stay more than half an hour, they hardly saw anything. By contrast, we were there for almost 3 hours. We walked back to the village and the bus was just about to leave, perfect timing. 

That evening we had a lovely meal out in town to round off our stay in Kalkan.

Roman pipework in Xanthos - Chris had this compelling urge to unblock it!

Xanthos amphitheater