36:59.59N 26:30.06E

Chris and Alison
Sun 5 Sep 2021 18:09
We left Dhenoussa in the morning with no wind forecast and 30 miles to go to our next island, Levitha. We had a glassy sea and no wind all the way, so we were glad to arrived to have a swim. Levitha is a landlocked bay on a very small island inhabited only by some fishermen, a lighthouse keeper and a family who own the taverna. The owner of the taverna has laid some moorings in the bay that he makes a small charge for unless you use his taverna at least once during your visit.  The taverna is powered only by solar and wind and all the food is from the island, goat, fish or lamb. There is no cellular phone or internet. We intend to stay for about a week, sheltering from a further bout of strong winds and just relaxing with only the Navtex to let us know what the weather is doing outside. Leros is going to feel very busy after this stop.

One of the jobs to keep us occupied was to repair the aft seats that are attached to the A frame. They broke while in use getting the wind generator down from its housing last year. Chris made some supports for them back at home so we set about fixing the broken parts and then sanding them down and making them look new again before putting on some Teak oil for the finished result.

Levaitha bay

Chris relaxing in the small taverna on Levitha

The mended, sanded and teak oiled aft seats.