37:25.03N 23:07.85E

Chris and Alison
Wed 19 Apr 2023 18:42
After almost 5 months and having put the main sail furler and the engine back together, applied one coat of antifouling and a lot of polish, Muskie was launched back into the Mediterranean sea this morning. The wretched AIS though still defies us and the Raymarine engineer did not come back after throwing a hissy fit when it didn’t work the last time he tried it and Chris refused to have the antenna below in the navigation station were he wanted to put it. The saga continues. At least he the decency not to come back and try to charge us for failing to do the job.

Both the office staff and yard manager told us yesterday to be ready for a 0900 launch today. At 0750 the yard staff started to get Muskie onto the transporter that would trundle her to the lift! I almost left the tea pot behind as I was washing up the breakfast things at the tap on the ground:( We have also been waiting for our gas bottle to be returned, hopefully full of gas, but after two weeks away in Athens it still hadn’t arrived come launch day. So our plan was to launch and anchor and wait for the gas to arrive hopefully today (Wednesday). Just as we were about to launch, we were told that the gas was on its way and would be here in 20mins. The launch went smoothly with the professional staff looking after Muskie as she was lowered into the Mediterranean. The water around the lift is very shallow and the yard dredge a channel from about 0.4 miles out to the lift and mark it with a channel marker. As I gently motored Muskie out and lined up for the channel markers the depth read 0.1m under the keel, I kept going very slowly and we made it out. I did wonder if they had dredged the channel this year yet. We anchored in the bay and when we had inflated the dinghy went back to get the gas bottle that was indeed full. 

We still needed to get the mainsail on so we decided to stay in the bay for today, get ourselves sorted, put the main on then go off to Porto Kheli tomorrow for some needed supplies. Que the thunder and wind! The mainsail will have to wait until the morning now!

Muskie on her way… where’s the tea pot!
Heading for the lift
Back into the Mediterranean Sea