36:31.15N 30:33.39E

Chris and Alison
Wed 8 Jun 2022 18:14

We left our anchorage at 0810 and made our way under engine to Cirali Limani to see ancient Olympus before the Gullets arrived. There were already quite a few people visiting Olympus but it is such a big site we soon lost them and were able to wander around on our own most of the time. It is a fascinating place, it is rather overgrown but this tends to add to the atmosphere and leaves a lot to the imagination. There are the ruins of a huge church, an amphitheatre, a couple of streets with buildings either side of  them, probably shops and markets and some houses. There are a couple of Roman baths, well worth the visit.

After lunch we motor sailed to Tekirova, a very exposed bay. There were buoys to moor to but we decided to go into the NW side in 7m of water off the beach and we were very glad we did when the gullets started arriving and started taking over the bay. By the evening they had all left. The shelter was not fantastic and very rolly when the sea breeze came in but more uncomfortable than dangerous. 

At 1900 a warden sounds a siren and clears the beach of people as this is a designated turtle beach. Sadly we didn’t see any turtles. 

Ancient Olyimpos

We visited Phaselis the next day. Phaselis was a very busy city and harbour, from about the 3rd Centry BC through to the Byzantine period, exporting Rose Oil and Timber. Here you can wander around the site that has everything that Olympus has, only on a smaller scale but in addition a church, Roman Baths, an aqueduct and a theatre. They in fact had 3 harbours, a large South harbour, that we were in, a military harbour and a Northern harbour. They were famous for making very fast sailing yachts that sailed across the Mediterranean trading. Unfortunately there are no records to show what these little yachts looked like.. 

Phaselis amphitheater and aquaduct.

Phaselis main street.