37:11.403N 26:49.066E

Chris and Alison
Sun 19 Sep 2021 19:00
The wind dropped so we sailed to Plakoudi bay. Sailed all the way under full Genoa only, a NE swell was still making the passage a bit uncomfortable but nothing to what we have experienced recently. Anchored in the bay near the beach, only a couple of yachts in there so nice and quiet and plenty of room. Beautiful clear water, we could see the anchor without diving on it but we did anyway to cool off. The weather has got hotter again after cooling down a bit in the last week. The day time temp has increased again to 30”C dropping down to a chilly 24-28’ at night. The water temp has increased again to 26-27.4’. As stocks are running low and we appear to be choosing bays with no facilities at all, we decided to have a meal in the local taverna. Lovely food and very welcoming despite them having to set up for a wedding party that night. We arrived at 1930, they started putting out the decorations at 2100 and the first guests started arriving at 2145. During our meal we were serenaded by the band who were particularly good. Three men, a violin, a mandolin and a keyboard. Traditional Greek music. We stayed to see the bride and groom who eventually arrived at 2200. They cut the cake on their arrival and had some Champaign, then had the first dance before settling down for the meal. We left them to it at 2215 but the party went on until 0430. As there was no wind at all that night the music and festivities travelled over the water giving us another disturbed night, but we didn’t mind as it was a special occasion. 

The next day we got up late due to the disturbed night and decided to walk to a marina that we had seen as we had sailed into the bay to check out their prices for next years winter haul out. They were very friendly and helpful and we got some idea of prices for next year should we need them. Then we decided to walk to nearest small store to try to get some more supplies. We walked a couple of miles but then decided that the next 1.7miles in the heat would be too much, especially as we would have to walk all the way back with our provisions, so we gave up deciding that what was in the cupboard would have to do. 

In the afternoon, when it was a bit cooler, we walked up the hill to investigate the WW2 ruins left by the Italians. 

That night we slept very well with no wind generator or wedding party to disturb us. 

Plakoudi bay

Plakoudi bay

The wedding cake

The restaurant being set up for the wedding