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Chris and Alison
Fri 29 Jul 2022 15:15

We explored the gulf of Akbuk Limani for a few days and then arrived at Didim Marina. A full service marina with showers, laundry, fuel, and the inevitable pump out facilities. We got some fuel and our last black water pump out before being shown to our berth for the next 4 days. 

We check out of Turkey from here and the agent who will help us is based in the marina. We managed to get a quote for a new spray hood and bimini and the guys from Royal Upholstery did a quick repair on the bimini. The very helpful staff at “Yachtworks" came over and measured Muskie for a new teak deck, should we ever decided to treat her to a new one, and more immediately, new rigging. Then it was time to explore the sites.

Didyma - the largest Ionic temple in the world.

Didyma is a religious sanctuary to Apollo, famed for its oracle long before that at Delphi became prominent. Oracles were issued as early as 600Bc, and one of the earliest oracles inscribed here regarding piracy instructs the suppliant that “it is right to do as your fathers did”.

Didyma was famed for its huge temple. The original temple to Apollo  was destroyed by the Persian Darius in 494Bc, and lay in ruins until Alexander the Great arrived. The remains of the huge temple that can be seen today date from 300Bc, and although work continued on it for two hundred years, it was never finished, only 78 of the planned 120 columns were ever built. This is still the largest Ionic temple in the world, measuring approximately 120 metres by 60 metres. It was largely destroyed by an earthquake in the 15th century, but sufficient columns remain in place to give an impression of its size.

We were impressed.

The swimming pool in the marina

Medusa Head

The steps leading to the sanctuary

Inside the sanctuary 

The detail around the pillars