37:17.585N 26:32.582E

Chris and Alison
Thu 11 Aug 2022 17:52

Weather: Hot, sunny. Wind N NW F5-6. Sea state mod to rough.  

Having been asked to leave Samos harbour at 0600 we got up early and were ready to leave by that time. However, during the previous evening the coastguard cutter had moored itself across the entrance to the harbour with its bow and stern lines either side of the entrance so no one could get in, or more importantly, out. It showed no intention of moving any time soon. Chris walked along to see  the harbour master who just said “when the coastguard leave, you can leave”, no time, no indication of time and no further information was offered. So we had breakfast, that we were planning to have on passage and waited to be allowed to leave. At 0810 the coastguard cutter finally moved to an alongside berth and we could leave the harbour!

Our sail to Patmos was downwind for a change but we had a very confused sea again so we were being thrown around on deck and when we went below, lifelines and lifejackets were the order of the day on deck. The sails got reefed and re set as the wind dictated but overall it was a good passage.

We arrived in Patmos (Stavros Bay) and anchored. It was a bit rolly but secluded and quiet. The Meltemi is due to pick up again, so we plan to stay here until it subsides before moving on.


Finally managed to see a weather window and left Patmos at dawn for the long sail to Paros (64nm). Because of the windy weather we have been having, the sea was still confused and the sea state was probably Mod + so we put the sails up but had the engine going to help us through the waves that threatened to stop Muskie in her tracks. The wind was F5-6 so we had good wind to sail an average of 6kts but at times we were making 7-8kts. Very wet on deck and at times a wave would make its way into the cockpit soaking us and everything else. We were glad to see that the re-waterproofing spray we had put on the spray hood appeared to be working as there was no water coming through the material just all around it!.

We saw no other traffic other than, on the horizon, a line of tankers that we though might have been the grain ships leaving the Ukraine and heading for the Suez canal. 

We arrived in Paros at 1730, so a good days sail. Settled down in Naoussa Bay at anchor. Now all we have to do is find out why the water is coming into the forward cabin through the Dorades!! Just another job. 

Dawn. Leaving Patmos for Paros.

Light waterproof jacket and lifejacket over the bikini!!