36:40”71N 28:54.70E

Chris and Alison
Fri 17 Jun 2022 16:01
15/06/22 Tersane Creek on Tersane Ad

Batikkoya Buku  to Tersane Creek

Weather: Hot, Sunny, cabin temp 30’c, sea temp 31.1’c. Light wind NW, sea state light, no swell.

Up anchor at 1010 and left the anchorage. Lots of gullets making their way out of Fethiye harbour. We joined them and then hoisted our sails to tack down the channel towards Tersane Creek. Sailed all the way, close hauled most of the way then a short period of broad reaching. Made our way up the creek and anchored with line ashore at the head. Tersane is a SEPA (Special environmental protected area) area, so absolutely nothing can be discharged into the sea, noise is not allowed, so no loud music and no anchoring except in designated areas and then you have use provided bollards for the lines ashore.

The anchorage is very quiet and sheltered. Tersane means harbour, so it is thought that at one time it was a ship building harbour. There are Byzantine ruins and one restaurant on the island.

We swam and had a relaxed day.


16/06/22 Tersane Creek 

Weather: Hot, sunny, saloon temp during the day 32’c, cabin temp at night 31’c. Sea temp 30.7’c. Light variable wind.

You know when you go somewhere and like it straight away? Well, Tersane Creek was like that for me. As soon as we sailed in I liked it. Quiet, pretty, in a deserted sort of way and crystal clear water. As soon as you arrive you want to relax and take your time. We decided to stay a couple of nights, looking around the Byzantine ruins, swimming and generally relaxing. The anchorage is very quiet and sheltered.
The only problem with being in such a deserted place is that you start to need supplies, and at some point, a black water pump out. 

We were just finishing breakfast and trying to decide how to survive on an almost full poo tank and running out of yoghurt, bread and some fruit when Carrefour supermarket arrived in the anchorage!! No kidding, a whole floating supermarket  in the form of a ferry like ship complete with shopping trollies. This had to be explored, even if I had decided that we had enough food to survive for another few days, or even a week if I were honest, if I made my own bread and yoghurt.

Soon after this the Ice Cream boat arrived with Walls Ice Cream

Carrefour floating supermarket

Now all we need is a floating pump out station and the bin men in a boat!!