37:07.738N 26:51.318E

Chris and Alison
Sun 10 Apr 2022 19:06
At last customs deemed to release our new dinghy and we received it on Saturday (9th April). Great excitement as we unpacked it and admired it, a Crewsaver Airdeck 260. We soon had it inflated (despite the fact that the instruction book enclosed was not for our dinghy) and christened it with white wine naming it “Kit”, apparently this is the name for a baby Muskrat. Once in the water, the engine fitted and started first time, off we went around the marina showing off. The sea trial went well until the fuel ran out and we had to test the oars! Back to the pontoon and filled up the engine with some more fuel and off we went again for a second attempt, this time managing to get back to the pontoon on the engine. Brilliant, now we can go sailing at last, except for the fact that there is very strong winds predicted for the next 48 hours so we will wait this one out before setting off, probably on Wednesday, to Rhodes via some lovely islands. We plan to leave Greece for Turkey before the end of the month so we can work the Schengen rules to our favour, even so, we might have to do some jiggling to get this to work.

In the mean time the delay in departure has meant we have completed a lot of jobs that were not even on the pre-departure list, so some good has come out the delay due to customs formalities.

Chris with the new dinghy

The naming ceremony 

Sea trials

Greece in bloom in April

Visit to Kastro Panagia with a beer stop at Xirokambos.