37:05.02N 25:48.0E

Chris and Alison
Sun 29 Aug 2021 16:04
We had a lovely few days in Paros anchored in AY Ioannou. Turquoise sea, calm anchorage but lots of super yachts coming and going. Ioannou is also very popular for water skiing and all the toys you can think of that go fast. However by about 1930 every night they have all gone leaving the bay quiet and still. Only one night did we have a large catamaran who decided to have a party to the early hours. 

Chris is still working hard mending problems that are cropping up on a daily basis. The AIS is still not working, one of the toilet seats keeps coming loose and now the saloon chronometer has stopped working. 

In the mean time the town of Naousis was only a short ferry ride across the bay, so we spent some time exploring the town and visiting the sights. I am in need of more swimming costumes but, probably due to the super yachts who visit the town regularly, the cheapest I could find was €70 plus. Chris however did find some Teva sandals that he was in need of for almost half UK prices, so not all was lost. 

One morning we did our good Samaritan bit. An Irish family were leaving one morning, pulled up their anchor, or what they hoped was their anchor but only the chain appeared, the anchor stayed firmly on the sea bed in about 10m of water. In the process of trying to locate it and dive for it, they got completely disoriented and lost sight of the anchor. So Chris and I got into our dinghy with a pair of goggles and did a search of the area we thought they had been anchored in. After a while Chris found the anchor and marked it with the lead line. One of their crew then dived down and managed to put a hook on it to retrieve it. They were extremely grateful for our help. 

Chris in Ioannou Bay

The ferry to Naousis

Muskrat in AY Ioannou Bay

After a few days it was time to move on to Dhenoussa. We deliberated whether to wait for some wind as the forecast was for very light winds directly behind us, but in the end we decided to move on, so we motored the 37 miles to Dhenoussa. Twice we got all the sails up but twice the wind died away leaving us on a glassy sea. We arrived on Dhenoussa in a very small bay and took care not to anchor over the wreck or the rocks. No super yachts, no speedy toys with loud engines just a southerly gentle breeze. Unfortunately this Southerly breeze brought with it the swell from outside and we spent an uncomfortable night wallowing around. Totally our fault for choosing a bay on the south coast of the Island with very light, but non the less southerly winds forecast. 
The next day we walked the short walk to Stavros, the small village, swam to keep cool and had our first meal out for a long time in the taverna on the beach. 

Ormos Dhendro

Stavros village